Online Scratch Offs: How they work and how to play

by Lucca Mack

Online scratch offs are the digitalized version of the traditional scratch cards that were sold (and still are) in lottery houses under the slogan “scratch and win”. This virtual version of the card is becoming more and more popular among online casino players.

Scratch cards have always been one of the favorite games of those who love gambling. It is a very simple game, made up of a panel with boxes containing different symbols, coated by a silver sheet that must be scratched to discover underneath. If you obtain the winning combination, you win the prize.

Today, as has happened with all games of chance, scratch cards have also evolved in their online version. It implies a great advantage since scratch cards are now available in a wide variety of themes, values ​​, and prizes so that you can choose the one you like the most. If you’re wondering how to play scratch offs online, the answer is precisely the same way you play traditional scratch cards.

How do online scratch-offs work?

As we have been saying, the game rules have not changed. Both versions of the cards have the same rules and playing method. Of course, when playing online scratch-offs, scratching off the cape is simulated in-game.

In some cases, the game enables certain options to make the scratching experience even more realistic. Some scratch-offs simulate scratching with a coin or car keys; some even offer to be scraped with a hairpin. These small and excellent audiovisual details allow the experience to be more real and fun!

We depend on luck and what we will find behind the silver layers (although there is much more color in the virtual version and the symbols have different images). The prize depends on the type of card we choose, the symbols we get, and the combinations.

Thanks to digitization, you can now bet and win on scratch cards anytime, anywhere. It is a 100% random game, so there are no strategies to play it. You only have to choose the scratch card with the theme you like the most and bet the amount that seems appropriate to you within the options offered by the game.

There are hundreds of different types of scratch offs to choose from!!

How to play scratch offs online?

To play online scratch offs you must first register at an online casino that offers this type of game.

The steps are the following:

1- You must log in to the online casino of your choice with your username and password.

2- Look in the games section of the page.

3- Click on “scratch offs” and choose one of all the versions offered by the casino.

4- You must choose which card you want to buy (there are different values) to play that game.

5- To “scratch” the card, you must pass the mouse over the cardboard. Then, it will reveal the symbols to know if you have obtained a winning combination.

The price of online scratch offs

Online scratch-off prices vary. The ones that cost the most offer the largest prizes, and the cheapest ones offer smaller prizes; however, they have the greatest chances of winning.

The amount you will bet is defined after choosing the scratch card you want to play.

Tips to keep in mind

– Because this game is entirely random, no strategy or method can be applied to win. However, you can take into account the odds that the game offers. These are usually described on the page where the scratch-offs appear. For example, if a scratch card has a probability of 1:20, it means that one card out of 20 has a prize.

– If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can play the cheapest scratch cards. They are of all values. Keep in mind what type of prize and bonuses each offers based on the bet you must make.

– If you have a bigger budget, it is always advisable to play the most expensive scratch cards since their prizes multiply their value several times.


Playing scratch cards online comes with many advantages. You have more variety to choose from in terms of topics and amounts. There are also free versions that allow you to have fun scratching without spending a dime.

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