Explore the Terminologies used in Playing Online Slots

by Lucca Mack

As everyone knows, the internet is one of the best inventions of technology. It plays a very essential part in people’s lives. Aside from that, it also provides a limitless source of information and entertainment. Playing online games is one of the common uses of the internet. It is a great form of recreation and one of the most exciting ways to spend your spare time.

Many people, especially those who are staying at home, love to play online games. Even kids can play online games. Yet they still have to be guided by their parents to ensure their playing secure and safe games. Every day, there are many games released by game providers. You can choose whatever you like to play. One of the most popular games is the judi slot.

Get to know more about Online Slots

Online slots are an electronic version of the traditional fruit machine game. It is available in arcades throughout the world. It is an easy and simple game to play with many exciting bonuses and rewards. With the advent of technology, it is now improved as it is accessible online. Slot game lovers don’t have to travel to land-based game places to enjoy this game. With the online version of the said game, they have added features like wild and scatter symbols. And also interactive bonus rounds.

Terminologies you encounter in Playing Online Slots

  • Bet- the amount placed by a player on a spin.
  • Bet one- bet one setting adjusts the wager to only one single coin of the chosen denomination per spin.
  • Coins- are the sum of the amount of cash you have in a slot machine at a certain time.
  • Coin size- each coin has a size value or credit assigned to it. This amount can be multiplied by the number of paylines to calculate the total bet.
  • Columns- this term is used interchangeably with reels. It is the vertical lines of symbols that spin.
  • Credits- are the unit used once you insert money into a slot machine.
  • Feature- is any extra free spins, bonuses, and side games. Where you can unlock with particular winning combinations.
  • Free play- allows players to try the game without risking any amount.
  • Free spins- these are chances to spin the reels and win prizes without the need to bet. You get them during game features.
  • Jackpot- it is the greatest and highest award players can get in winning.
  • Line Bet- pertains to how much a player is betting on a single slot machine line. This amount identifies the payout if the player hits a winning combo.
  • Max Bet- it is the highest amount of credits that a player can bet on each spin. This is the button to adjust the wager to the greatest.
  • Multi-Line- they have many paylines, each line increases your wager. And also enhance the chances of winning.
  • Multiplier- it is a symbol or feature that increases your winning payouts.
  • Payline- it is a pattern or line that a combination needs to land to win a prize. It can either be diagonal, straight or zig-zag in various directions.
  • Payout- it is the amount you win when you strike the winning combo. This number is affected by the symbols, active multipliers, or the wager.
  • Paytable- it is a section or page that highlights how much you can win on a slot machine. The symbols, rules, and bonus features also appear.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG)- it determines where a slot machine’s symbols land. It is based on a mathematical algorithm that permits random placement on each spin.
  • Reels- These are columns that have various symbols.
  • Return to Player (RTP)- a percentage of the total amount bet that the machine pays back to the players.
  • Rows- are the horizontal lines that symbols are on.
  • Scatter- it awards the players with a payout and also unlocks a special feature or bonus round
  • Symbols- these are the numbers, images, and bars on the slot machine reels.
  • Wild- a wild symbol replaced any other symbol in the game except for the bonus and scatter symbols. This is to help make a better winning combination.

There are more terminologies that you might encounter in playing online slots. It is better to get yourself familiarized with this first. Before playing the serious game.

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