Distinguishing between various baccarat games

by Lucca Mack

When thinking about playing บาคาร่า  ,  it is important that you distinguish between the various ones available in the market. It includes the following:

Panto Banco

Also known as punto banco baccarat is a traditional version of high roller of the game. You will have to play at a large table in a roped off, special casino. The punto banco is usually kept separate from the rest of the casino games in most cases.

You are going to find high rollers especially the Asians who wager thousands for each hand. The bets on the minimum for these games are normally starting at $100 even though there are casinos which have a minimum bet of $500. It is possible to negotiate a maximum bet with the casino in such rooms.

Additionally, when it comes to the traditional baccarat version, the punto banco, the gameplay is directed by the croupier assisted by 2 dealers for baccarat who are there to handle the payouts and the bets.  The games use 8 decks but at times you will get them using 6 decks only. There is not great difference in the house edge that is there in the 8 deck and 6 deck games.

Mini baccarat

For lower stake players, the mini-baccarat might be the way to go with just a small scale version of the same game. The main difference is the amount staked. The bets on the minimum are lower when playing the mini baccarat game. the table is normally smaller, accommodating few players as well.

The rules for the game are the same as the ones for the other baccarat games and you will not find a big difference when it comes to the math which is behind it and the person who has the edge and how much edge there is.

The chemin de fer

It is an old variation of the baccarat that means that it is faster than the original. The name is a French one meaning railway that was used for the fastest travel means back then. It is a game that utilizes 6 decks and the players take the roe of the deals and the banker. For the other players, they are referred to as punters. The position of the banker tends to rotate counterclockwise on the table.

During a chemin de fer round, the banker is the one that decides the amount that has to be risked.

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